Who Are You?

We are more than what our hands can do, what we look like, and shit that makes us feel bad. I know everything I’m NOT but I can’t be certain yet on who I am or who I amgoing to be. I could only say that I’m a force of nature I believe that we are all just souls with incredible capabilities for feeling emotion and I think we are very privileged in the fact that we can love. It is the only emotion that transcends all dimensions.

Everything around us is literally vibrating and radiating love. I think we are all lost souls, collectively gathering love on an endless journey. With road signs set in a language we can not yet understand. We are all bits and pieces of each other and often times that can be really hard. Because we can always choose not to think about certain people or situations, pushing it to the side; but how can we distract ourselves from ourselves?

When you share energy with another human being – whether it be a one time only, 3AM conversation over text, or a 6 month long friendship full of laughter, being exchanged for choking on rotten words – you will always feel a bit sad and empty after they leave. I believe this is because humans leave spiritual imprints. But I’m starting to wander off onto an entirely different topic.

To try and answer the question “who are you?” I will say this: there is nothing that I need to be. Simply, I am. I enjoy an eclectic variety of things, people, places but none of that I can identify my soul with. I am a mind expander, life experiencer, wanderer, and full of a zillion questions about everything around – and especially within – me. I collect experiences and sometimes along the way I will find a friend or two. I have always been one to believe that when one door closes and another opens that it is perfectly fine to be stuck in the middle. It’s okay to be confused

An Age of Birth and Rebirth

I speculate, in my young age, how often the term “dying art” was used among generations before. I thought I might name this article “The Generation of the Dying Art”. We often find character and meaning in what was lost. We find ourselves in things that also seam lost.

Sure there are many things to keep our idle hands busy, or more idle. We have the beauty of the internet, the convenience of smart devices, and all the strings that come with it. A constant stage for our ideas, a letter already pre-stamped to anyone we have met, and a library comparable only to Alexander’s. If we ever seam ignorant please ask us about what we do know; or better yet ask us about what makes our hearts sing.

Likely our answers will be filled with things that generations before may have considered a ‘dying art’ but not quite dead. We also have the convenience of being driven by things that have yet to be. I enjoy too many things from generations before, yet what truly drives me is something not yet quite experienced.

Check out Social Experimentation to see what sets my heart on fire.

My point being that the internet is preserving many arts once lost or quickly dying. People are discovering those, that is becoming a part of who they are… it doesn’t stop their though! People are also picking up new arts, with digital art, a new kind of photography with social media, programming, and other interesting things yet to be truly discovered. This generation is finding themselves not generally in the old or the new but in both! The ‘dying art’ is dying, I can’t imagine any art form will fade away. Sadly it may find itself among the dusty books of Alexander’s library but eventually they will be dusted off.

This is the greatness in our wide access and with it comes many drawbacks. When you have a pre-stamped letter it is like you have a responsibility to converse with some that you may not care to. When you have all information available to you it may feel wrong to ever leave a book unread. When you have a stage and a crowd always watching, it may feel wrong to stop performing until you have gone crazy. Pressures have realigned themselves and we must learn to deal with it all.

Can we learn to be superheros when we are granted such great super powers? I sure hope so! I imagine the world a much better place when it is filled with heroes. One line to remember “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

Instagram Evolved Past Social Networking

Instagram is something I didn’t have for a long time, primarily because you need a smartphone to use it at all. While that is fairly understandable I still believe it is probably their greatest weakness.

However, I want to discuss some of it’s strengths OR how it has evolved past social networking. It is a platform for sharing pictures, very simply put and that is not quite a social network. Platform is what is dominating the web, not social networks but platforms. The fact that it is a platform means that built right into it’s smooth interface, is an option to share to Twitter, Facebook, and beyond.

Often, I feel like what I am sharing should go to instagram and shine brightly there. I occasionaly want it to also go to my Facebook however which is just one click on the screen.That is just great; it does exactly as it should, lets you share photos however you want. It can be great as a stand alone platform but than is soo much more at the same time.

Without the extra sharing geatures I don’t think it would be the rich social media tool it is. This dynamic is kind of beautiful and a big part of the brilliance that led to the Billion dollar evaluation. It has curated a unique dynamic of it’s own content and brewed it’s own community. Content worth checking out and easily rivals Facebook. Probably why Facebook noticed them as competition at bought them up.

However, I must go back to the fact that it is no doubt thanks to the fact it is a platform to share to Facebook, Twitter and a collection of other places. It also has the nice perk of focusing more on content than friends. I have followed some very interesting individuals, businesses, and other non friend entities. It doesn’t forfeit friends for content though I still see beautiful selfies of my friends: in between, a stranger playing Magic: The Gathering at a peer, glamor shots of a vape shop, and awesome stories behind haircuts.

Magic The Traveling: at the peer 


The Street Barber

This is Ramadan. He is 41 years old with one child. He was first introduced to a life of drugs and homelessness in his youth. Growing up in a family with a father who was a “gangster”, he was surrounded by crime, drugs, etc. His father actually got “sprayed” by shotgun bullets and killed – which he states was because of the criminal activities his dad was involved with. Ramadan’s use of heroin took such a heavy on him that he eventually decided enough was enough, and he checked himself into a rehabilitation centre – which he decided to stay in for 15 months. After leaving rehab he was able to find a wonderful partner. Christy, who was keeping us company while he got his haircut. Unfortunately, he has also relapsed back onto heroin. Together they both decided to do the methadone program and do whatever they can to help each other get better and motivate each other to stay clean. He told me an honest character is the best character to have. Being true to yourself helps with you being true to others and vice versa. His last haircut was butchered so we had to do our best to restyle it as best as possible, as well as give him a face shave. We styled him with a grape flavoured pomade leaving him smelling and feeling extra good. #cleancutcleanstart #thestreetsbarber

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Fully Vaped: Just a Local Vape Shop

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  While I can’t go on and on about it’s wonder, it is only an app of course. I was just inspired by the way it connects people, thanks to it’s strong features. Those features which gave birth to many great photos and stories. Also you can check me out, I don’t post much but you may enjoy regardless! @Thaicares  

Yes I vape #VapeAboutIt

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A doodle from the other day #spiderman #spidey #doodle #NegativeSpace #art

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Business More Than Money

While I may not be a great champion of capitalism I have enjoyed the ideas behind entrepreneurship. I feel like it is so much more than economic transactions. Or rather not just transactions of capital between business owners and customers.

A Business allows you, the owner, to affect the world in a new way. You get to craft a beautiful thing in effort to help someone meet their needs. That entire time you make new connections and impact different lives.

I would imagine most entrepreneurs are called to do a specific type of business, in an effort to monetize a passion of their’s. Some prime examples of these (due to their creative nature) would be restaurants, tech startups, entertainment, and hosting businesses. However passions run deeper than that and lead to businesses like solar energy, wholesale, marketing, and some other not so obviously creative ventures. My point is that entrepreneurship, I believe, is generally in effort to make a passion into a life.

What more can we ask for than to survive not day by day but doing what we love. That is what I am searching for and while business ownership isn’t quite my deepest passion it is more than just an interesting idea. I hope to start at least one business in this life.

We Are Nothing More Than The People Who Help Us

Life. It is an interesting conundrum. I imagine a majority of it is ourselves. Obviously our lives are us. We make our self who we are. The language I used in the last few sentences is sprinkled with multiple meanings, of course to help get my message across. Hopefully I can explain the language and successfully portray my message.

You might think the language was to lead you into the belief of “I am me, alone I am in control of myself”. That is one optimistic paraphrase that someone could use another (again optimistic paraphrase) could be “We are a united people who rely on each other, and stand stronger with the aid of our neighbors”.
I used (in this ‘language’) what I believe is called a ‘singular form’ of the following words (ourselves, our, us, we) -meaning that the best paraphrase is “I am in control, I rely on others”.

People are great we rely on them for guidance, acceptance, and love. We however need to make the best interpretation of others and put forth the best result off of the interpretation. I don’t think this means necessarily being positive or negative about any input we are given. Nor being positive or negative about any interpretation that we construe. Making the best choice in any given situation is more complicated than being positive or negative, just requires us championing it with rationality.

Our best response? ACTION! I must declare action is likely the best response to most any given situation. ESPECIALLY inspiration, although that might be because I believe there is merit in the Daemon Theory of Greatness, so that is up to you.

to action or not to action
~up to you!

Truly it is all up to you, this article is merely input, do with it what you must. Interpret it however you may.

Furor Poeticus – INSPIRATION

My inspiration for this article was from the words of a Ruth Stone, I don’t know much about her, I just remember a few of her words. I learned about her briefly in a creative writing class that I took in high school. Some how they have stuck with me ever since. It was while we were discussing inspiration and the teacher mentioned to us how inspiration has been viewed, often times through history, as a living thing that comes and goes with a mind of it’s own. This was something that many creative minds had believed, as it illustrated how hard inspiration is to control.

As [Stone] was growing up in rural Virginia, she would be out, working in the fields and she would feel and hear a poem coming at her from over the landscape. It was like a thunderous train of air and it would come barrelling down at her over the landscape. And when she felt it coming…cause it would shake the earth under her feet, she knew she had only one thing to do at that point. That was to, in her words, “run like hell” to the house as she would be chased by this poem.

The whole deal was that she had to get to a piece of paper fast enough so that when it thundered through her, she could collect it and grab it on the page. Other times she wouldn’t be fast enough, so she would be running and running, and she wouldn’t get to the house, and the poem would barrel through her and she would miss it, and it would “continue on across the landscape looking for another poet”.

And then there were these times, there were moments where she would almost miss it. She is running to the house and is looking for the paper and the poem passes through her. She grabs a pencil just as it’s going through her and she would reach out with her other hand and she would catch it. She would catch the poem by its tail and she would pull it backwards into her body as she was transcribing on the page. In those instances, the poem would come up on the page perfect and intact, but backwards, from the last word to the first.

This belief is actual common among many myths that personified inspiration. These creatures (of inspiration) were called Daemon or Muse. Other times in Assorted Mythos or belief systems it was a gift from the gods and godesses. There is even Christianity today were some believe the credit belongs to the Holy Spirit. The last of these beliefs may be the biggest reason I resonate with this interpretation of what inspiration is.

Of course there are a number of other opinions that I think have varying degrees of merit, I would suggest any that are interested to check out: Enlightenment and Romantic models (of inspiration), Modernist Concepts (of inspiration), Afflatus, and one of the big resources I used when referencing things in this article…. WIKIPEDIA ;D

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