Zynaissance is a working title but I hope it will work for it’s intentions! Zynaissance is practically Wikipedia (even used their awesome open source software) but instead of it being a documentation of all things in this world here and now or gone and past it is a documentation of our ideas. It will be […]

Make Your Life

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how to follow and start my entrepreneurial desires! I read an article about wantraprneurship and I think I am stuck in the desire area when I need to start the action needed to accomplish those desires. Honestly I am an idea guy though so I […]

Making Connections ($ the internet is an interesting place)

I am a professional internet developer of a rare kind, that I imagine could be found at a great number of new startups that take advantage of the models that are offered by Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and Ecommerce solutions.  Of course my company is EXTREMELY awesome and the boss man is just EXTREMELY awesome! So […]

Hello world! 1

Welcome to my Website. This is my first post. the meaning of this post will simply remain my first post and possibly introduce you to “Hello World!” which is a common phrase used in the beginning steps of learning a programming language. Of course you don’t have to start learning a programming language by starting […]