Hello again I thought for my first non test run type of post I would introduce myself. This post will be the about me so feel free to check back as this week be updated to most effectively display who I am and where I am in life. Plus the first draft won’t be well written.  I am an artist with a passion for people and love for aesthetics. I truly believe all things are an art even the hardest of science and most basic of math, of which I enjoy and perform all with. This has led me to web programming and even graphic design. One job that I enjoyed due to these skills also set me up for what[…]

Welcome to my blog. This is my first post. At least my first post for this blog. Every WordPress powered site has a “hello world” starter post and I always embrace it rather than delete it. It connects with me the flavor of learning a new programming language is almost always seasoned with an iconic “hello world” phrase. I also recently got a tattoo in respect to the creation story as depicted in the distance chapel. I hhonestly have little figured out for this blog as many things are going on in life and I have much I could share with you all, so HELLO WORLD.