Hello again I thought for my first non test run type of post I would introduce myself. This post will be the about me so feel free to check back as this week be updated to most effectively display who I am and where I am in life. Plus the first draft won’t be well written. 

I am an artist with a passion for people and love for aesthetics. I truly believe all things are an art even the hardest of science and most basic of math, of which I enjoy and perform all with. This has led me to web programming and even graphic design. One job that I enjoyed due to these skills also set me up for what became a small and currently extinct marketing company I started at 19. Which leads to one of my greatest aspirations of the moment, business.

May I remind all who have read so far, “everything is an art”. This is because creativity is always important I would argue for business most of all. This is what separates brands and makes large companies successful. This is a huge part of why I am so interested in marketing and business. 

Another reason is because of “products” even service based business rely on a product or set of products. Personally I would be extremely happy inside a product management position. I first grew to be interested in this as I drooled over every new smartphone to hit the market. I was so incredible impressed with new features and every gimmick just intrigued me. The minds behind these products became heroes. 


I later had my own role in product management as I worked with Glass Bottle Outlet and became responsible for marketing their ’empty glass bottles’ they really became intriguing as a neighboring company and the ‘gbo’ ceo developed a way to produce a colored glass product. I would have loved to been a part of the original inception but rather I got to make many of the product lines even working with the partner company in choosing color, texture, execution and more. In house I was responsible for many of these new products names and their overall branding.

Religion, specifically Christianity, is an essential part of my life. Christ being my Lord and savior. I have felt an incredible call to the church as a possible future career, lately. If you would like to discuss anything with me please feel free. I have been talking with many Muslims recently, I have always befriended atheists, and studied pagan occult things as well; please feel free to talk to me no matter your faith!


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